Köln. Three years ago. A cactus plant at my window. A cat who insisted on demonstrating her affection for me only when I was trying to work and making her point by stepping on my keyboard and sitting on my lap. Sitting with BB in her balcony and admiring how true she was to her work. Wearing the one decent jacket I owned and walking over to the park nearby to listen to Feist over and over.

Juhan Liiv
translated from the Estonian by H.L Hix & Yuri Talvet

It must be somewhere, the original harmony,
somewhere in great nature, hidden.
Is it in the furious infinite,
in distant stars’ orbits,
is it in the sun’s scorn,
in a tiny flower, in treegossip,
in heartmusic’s mothersong
or in tears?
It must be somewhere, immortality,
somewhere the original harmony must be found:
how else could it infuse
the human soul,
that music?

Notes from the translators here.