Li, you don’t have to call unless you need to. I’m trying my head above the water too.:) And staying away from the phone.  Trying to listen to myself – to believe that what I’m looking for makes sense, that it can happen and not all of it has to make sense right away. One day at a time. :*


The word for this
is small
and the word for what is hiding
under the skin of the word small,
for what is taken
from you as you try to
to describe
this thing
is still smaller
more pointed,
brighter than
shame (which is not it)
and you open
your mouth to speak,
to say –
it’s hard to explain or never mind or plain old nothing
but you don’t say it.
And you forgive this word
hiding under the skin of the word small,
forgive it for being so close,
forgive it for not knowing you.