I don’t mind being predictable
but not everything reminds me of you – no.
You don’t have to do anything.
You don’t have to do anything.
(I am going to keep that line for now, it makes me look better.)
Later, I will risk sounding ridiculous.
I am drawing on everything I have to give you
what could be yours – if you’d like.
I also want you to want this all on your own.
I have no intention of making this easy.
This, perhaps, you already know.
You’re too far away.
You are not too far away.
My back hurts, you know that?
I don’t have time for this piffle.
I mean that, but I also don’t mean it.
Of course, it’s possible to feel both.
Yes, at the same time.
Just like I want you to please me
and not please me.
When did you step into this poem
and start asking me questions?
Go away.
Save draft.