Truth: I’ve had trouble writing — almost anything. If you were here, I would ask you to walk with me so I could tell you a little about it.

My tutor at school thought my cats were great and suggested that I keep drawing them. Perhaps your people will get better, she said. I’m wondering if I heard right. It makes sense and it also doesn’t make sense at all.

I went for a pre-Christmas dinner party and tried to be social, but ended up sitting at a table where the conversation was dominated by a Caribbean American who had a lot to say about the Queen, was perturbed that his tea was served in a mug instead of a cup and informed us that the word octopus was Greek and that its plural should really be octopodes not octopuses.

Nut roast is strange, have you ever tried it? But cranberry sauce is great.

I think there are two spiders in the room now. After you’ve read Charlotte’s Web, you can’t really dislike them, but my flatmate suggested that it’s best I don’t become friends and all that.

I don’t know if I am thinking of this poem because of the Alice exhibition or because of those last lines. Do I like it for its repeated declarations?

All the words
by Suniti Namjoshi and Gillian Hanscombe

All the words have leaped into air like the cards
in Alice, like birds flying, forming, re-
forming, swerving and rising, and each word
says it is love. The cat says it is love.
It says, ‘I am and I love.’ And the fawn
in the forest who lost his name, he eats
from your hand. He tells you, ‘My name is love.’
And all the White Knight’s baggage rattles, and cries
it is love. And even the tiger-lily, even the rose
say only that they are themselves. And they say
they are love. All the little words say
they are love, the space in between, the link
and logic of love. And I can make no headway
in this heady grammar, and suddenly
and here, you are, I am, and we love.

Do you think it’s possible to love each other’s solitude? Would you be able to treasure and guard mine, and I yours? Yes, Rilke. I should have brought my copy of Letters when I moved.

Cocopops for dinner.